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If you have any questions, please email our
Season Info:
  • Season starts in mid-August
  • All Practices are Held at Voorhees High School
  • Feeder Program for Voorhees High School Football Program
  • Members of the the Greater NJ AYF

You will need the following information:

  • Child's date-of-birth
  • Child's / parents email address
  • Child's / parent home phone and cell phone
  • Child's current school grade (see below on how to enter school grade)
  • Child's measurements (football only)
  • Child's Dr.'s name and phone number
  • Your insurance policy number
  • Emergency contact information
  • Childs allergies and any physical limitations
  • Digital copy of child's birth certificate (optional)
  • Required forms found here - DO NOT MAIL

How to enter School Grade (if required):
Most Football programs, other than Flag, are based on the participant's age.  However, other programs, are based on their school year. We determine the league Division a child qualifies for based on the current school grade.  The registration system will update their grade before the season starts for the following school Year.

Always enter the grade your child is currently in where the form says "Grade for XXXX-XXXX School Year".  Otherwise, you may be forced to register in the wrong Division.

Note: After July 1, we update everyone's school grade by one - i.e. 1st grade becomes 2nd grade. Therefore, in the following year, you may NOT need to update the grade level.

Start by clicking Register from one the following Divisions: