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The Voorhees Jr. Vikings’ Parents Volunteer Committee needs your help! We are expanding our efforts to improve all aspects of our program and cannot do it without your help. Please take a look at the various Teams we are forming and let us know how you can help. 

While this looks like a long list, most of the volunteer opportunities (such as selling programs at home games, etc.) would take just a couple of hours and can be rotated among willing parents. Some would be only once or twice in the whole season (such as distributing merchandise). We know everyone is busy but, even if you can only volunteer a few hours it will make a difference and contribute to the success of our program.




Game Day Program

·         Team Leader: 

·         Sell program at home games

·         Prepare weekly update insert: scores, stats, other news


 Merchandise Sale

·         Team Leader: 

·         Distribute orders 

·         Help with Mid-Season Sale


Snack Shack

·         Team Leader: coordinate and schedule volunteers, manage Snack Shack at home game at Voorhees HS

·         Manage snack sales at Patriot League field

·         Weekly shopping

·         Home Game volunteers to work the Voorhees HS field Snack Shack and the Snack stand/table at the Flag/PeeWee



·         Team Leader:

·         We need 2 volunteers per game to sell at the games. This would not interfere with watching your athlete play.





Parents Volunteer Committee

·         Team Leader: 

·         Assist in recruiting volunteers

·         Assist in coordinating the activities of the various Fund Raising and Team Support teams


Game Statisticians

·         Team Leader: Leader:

·         Organize and teach game statisticians

·         Record basic statistics during each game (one per team per week)

·         Compile all stats


Film Crew

·         Team Leader:

·         Video the JV/Varsity games


Game Day Nutrition

·         Team Leader

·         Coordinate snacks for all teams

·         Volunteers for each team/game to shop, prepare (oranges, power bars, etc) and distribute snacks at half time



Equipment Management

·         Team Leader: Bob Edmund ( )

·         Assist with the distribution of equipment

·         Assist with the end of season collection, cleaning, testing and inventory of equipment

·         Assist with the preparation of equipment prior to the beginning of the season


Communications and Public Relations

·         Team Leader

·         Support Web Site Team: Post news on Web site, assist with design of Web Site

·         Write and/or edit all program communications

·         Articulate and promote Jr. Voorhees Vikings program philosophy and goals throughout all Program activities

·         Develop and conduct community outreach activities (e.g. school visits, player community work, etc.)

·         Submit articles to local news outlets (game results, program news)


Player and Coach Development

·         Team Leader

·         Identify programs and opportunities for Coach training and Player development

·         Coordinate Coach training sessions

·         Coordinate Player summer camps

·         Assist in the development of player conditioning and nutrition programs

·         Coordinate development, printing and distribution of documentation to Coaches and Players

·         Coordinate guest visits from regional coaches/players